Wednesday, January 20, 2016



Yes, January is cold here, often bitterly cold, but I don't mind it.  On a good day, the snow sparkles and the frigid air is filled with the sounds of winter birds as they come to the feeders for a bite to eat.  The long shadows are gorgeous blues and violets against the sun splashed snow and ice crystals glitter diamond-like in the sun.  The garden takes on mysterious shapes that the dogs bark at while they are out running along the paths my husband shovels for them, and memories of summer poke up out of the snow.  Was that where the big blue hosta was?  Is that the remains of the pink cone flower? The large grasses stay recognizable, but even they are wearing a winter cloak.

And when it's cloudy dark and bitter and the wind howls, it's wonderful to curl up by the fire, a cup of hot tea or cocoa, or maybe a glass of sherry, and go through the seed catalogues, choosing the seeds and plants for next spring, and dreaming of summer.
til next time,
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