Monday, September 28, 2015


One of my very favourite things is an early autumn Twilight, or as I love to call it, harkening back to another time, "the Gloaming".  The light has an opal quality to it, and there is a breathless hush, filled with mystery and magic.  The air smells rich and soft, and you can feel the coolness of evening creeping in. 

                           And then you hear a BARK!  
The first one comes softly, almost a question. . . .  'Is anyone else outside?'  
Then the answering barks begin.  Big barks, little barks, high pitched yips and basso profundo BARKS.   There is even a baying howl, letting everyone in hearing know that yes, there is a DOG here.

Our village is full of dog lovers, and we see and hear every size,shape, and colour, from wonderful, loving 'just plain dogs' through to representatives of a great many breeds.  Our neighbour's dog, who just recently crossed Rainbow Bridge was our Angel of the Evening, usually the first one to begin the chorus, and everyone who knew her is missing her so much.

We are a farming community in large part, and many people hunt in the Autumn for part of the family food supply through the winter,  (we are not hunters) so there are a lot of hounds in the area, and their unique music fills the Twilight.

There are sparky Terriers and entitled lap dogs - just ask them and they will tell you how important they are.                                      

We have some of the big, big dogs around here too,giant dogs with huge, gentle hearts whose purpose it is to take care of the family and perhaps pull the youngest along in a cart.             

There are sleek, short haired dogs, and dogs that have such a wealth of hair that they can barely see, or so we suppose.

 And there are several of the breed we hold dearest to our hearts, the Sheltie.  I have to confess that our Shelties are only allowed a quick 'Hello there' during the Twilight Bark because the Mean Old Witch they live with,  (That would be ME) doesn't like a lot of noise.  But they get  their two bones in there anyway,  It is a joyous sound, the Village Dogs coming alive as the sun goes down, heralding the news that MUM and DAD are HOME!  Evening can    begin.                                                                                                  


 Til next time,                                                                                       
Cheers,   Heather                                                                                   
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Monday, September 14, 2015


I LOVE September and October!  I love the feel of it and the look of it, all those warm, brilliant colours bursting out in the garden, doing their best to warm our spirits for the cold months ahead.  Even as a child, I found this time of year exciting, but it was only   in the past number of years that my true enjoyment began, and it was my dogs who taught me how to really live in the moment and savour these gorgeous months.
First, you have to close your eyes, and lift your face to the sun, Feel the warmth blessing your skin?  Take a deep breath of the spicy, rich air and smell the sweet/sharp essence of summer distilled into leaves that are breaking down to feed the earth.  And listen.  Listen to the tall grasses of summer, dry now, and rustling in the breeze, sharing whispers of summer secrets that they will take into their deep winter sleep. Listen to the leaves, muttering and softly chatting among themselves, and the slow lazy spiral and soft thud as one by one, they drift down to earth.  There, now you are enjoying this season the way a dog does, and like myself, you may find it the very best way to partake of Autumn.  And it's even better if you enjoy it with a friend.

Til next time,  Cheers,
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