Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Follow Me In Merry Measure"

It is GREAT to be back!  After not being able to post for the past 2 weeks thanks to a computer crash, I am delighted to be able to post a blog this Wednesday.  And it is only a week until Christmas!    My Christmas is going to be very different this year - the first year where our traditions change into what will be ongoing for the future.  It's sad  to see the old ways go, but exciting too, because this is the time to write everything new.   One thing that will remain is the beauty of the official beginning of Winter on December 21st.  This is the time of black velvet night skies that come early, but with the knowledge that after the 21st, we begin the journey back to the light.  It's a time of snow floating gently (and often not so gently) down to cover the earth where I live, and of blazing lights in brilliant white or a multitude of colours shining through the darkness.

For me, part of the magic of Christmas is the sparking blanket of snow, and a snowfall on Christmas Eve gives me feelings of peace and quiet joy.  We have snow now, but as the weather is changable, we'll have to see if it's all still here next week.  Fingers crossed!
Next week and the following week, there will be no blog, as we will all be busy with the holidays, but as long as I have a computer working, the Art and Home Blog will be return on Wednesday, January 8th, when I hope you and your friends will "Follow me in Merry Measure" for a year of talk about art, animals, home and gardens.  Meanwhile, I wish all of you the very Merriest of Christmases and the most wonderful New Year!!