Monday, July 27, 2015


        My Art and Home blog is back. It's been a while!

    This past year has had some challenges. I've been taking time to let life settle and get back to normal, but now, thank goodness, things are much calmer and I'm  delighted to be writing my blog again.  You can look for it probably every second Tuesday, but don't worry, I'll remind you. :)      If you are following me on Face Book, you won't miss a post!!  Today I thought it would be fun to go back to the beginning, when dogs first stole my heart.

                                      Liberty Bell Black Gareth

It Started With Dogs
    It actually started with any dog, cat or horse that crossed my path.  I wanted to hug and pet every single one, but cautious parents quickly thwarted that desire.  So the moment I could read, I chose books about them, and eventually a lovely Fate introduced me to Albert Payson Terhune's books.  That was it, I was in  love for life, and I began to plague my parents for a dog, and not just any dog, it had to be a Collie, just like Lad and Grey Dawn.  A cat and horse also figured  in my  perceived needs, but first I WANTED a dog.  . . . .. .. ....I wanted a Collie.                           When my parents decided that a dog of my own was not going to happen until I was older, and a cat and a horse were just NOT going to happen, I threw myself into drawing and painting them, so I had lots of pets, but they were all on paper.                                                                                    Eventually, as I entered my Teens, they broke down and allowed me to have the Collie I had been saving for, and a beautiful, quirky, totally wonderful Tricolour Collie came into my life.  But now my desire to draw and paint them better became a constant challenge, and eventually, as an adult who had already embarked unenthusiastically on a  teaching career, it  led me to Art School and a longed for career as an animal artist.                                                             I think I have the best job in the world!   Each morning I walk down the hall to my studio, accompanied by our Shelties and cats and I spend the day painting lovely animals. And yes, I did finally get my horse, and he was with us until he passed away at age 33, after spending 19 wonderful years with us.       
   In ensuing blogs, I will talk about the sometimes perilous joys of painting, life in the country, and about the animals I've known, my own and others that have made an impression on my heart, and I will post photos of them, and paintings in which they have been my models.  Many of these painting images can be found as small prints or note cards in my ETSY shop, THE DOG ART GALLERY.  I hope you will drop by  soon and have a look.                                                                                                                                       Til then, Take care, and Be Happy!                                                                                               Heather