Tuesday, October 13, 2015


        October is one of my  favourite months of the whole year.  The weather varies from gently warm to crisp, and the colours are  enough to make you stop and stare. I used to love to go riding in the early evening during October, up through the back fields where the corn was being cut and the big iridescent bowl of the sky glowed with dusky pastels and goose music was all around us.  Equally enchanting are the walks in the garden with the Shelties in the October gloaming when everything takes on an amber glow.

October is filled with gifts to enjoy and celebrate.  In Canada, we have Thanksgiving, there is a rich sweetness in the air that only comes at this time of the year, and at the end of the month of course, is Halloween, filled with fun and chocolate treats.  Leaves drift down lazily with the Autumn breezes, silently, one at a time like slim golden jewels or in a torrent when the wind shows its temper.  They lie thick on the ground, tempting me to shuffle through them, or blow just out of reach of the jaws of a young pup, determined to catch one.

There are enchanting surprises too, the frosts of early morning and dew sparkling on the pumpkins, the return of the winter birds like the Cardinals with their flash of scarlet and distinctively beautiful song, an unexpected autumn rose blooming, and a tiny mouse dashing across the front step in his hurry to put his house (and pantry) in order before winter.
I hope all of you can find the time to pause in your busy lives and take a moment to close your eyes and listen to the October sounds, to inhale the special woodsy sweetness of this month, then open your eyes and take a few moments to drink in the splendour of Autumn.
                                                                                                                                                              Cheers, til next time,
Heather Anderson                                                                    The Dog Art Gallery on Etsy

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