Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Icy Breath of Winter

To quote an old song, "Baby it's Cold outside".  The wind has been howling all day and we've been snugged up in a warm house with the dogs and cats close by.  So what does an artist do in the deep mid winter besides stay warm?

                 Winter Path                           watercolour         

Sometimes I take an art path I seldom explore, something like the little landscape above.   The country enchants me, and there are so many little treasures I see  and photograph on our drives, and once in a while, the need to paint them takes over.                                        Sometimes, while the wind blows and the temperature drops, I try out different ideas for paintings, and sometimes they work, and sometimes, . . . . .. .  .   Well, better find out at the doodle stage  that something isn't going to work out!  I like to explore my options in art during January and  make plans for the painting year ahead.      On a really frigid day like this, when the cold bites and
 burns and stings, I admit to dreaming about warmer places, but when it comes down to it, I love our winters and wouldn't want to miss them.   I'd miss the sparkle of snow, the winter blue of the sky on a sunny day, and all the feathered visitors to our bird feeders.  If I wasn't home in winter, I'd miss the deer meandering down the road under the streetlights, anticipating the dinner of cracked corn some of us leave out for them in hard winters like this one.  And I'd never want to miss the delight our little dogs take in racing through the snow, barking and rejoicing in the thrill of the race.   January is a cold, challenging month, so put on a cozy sweater, curl up in front of a  window where you will be warm, and enjoy it's gifts of icy beauty, just as beautiful at night under a full moon as they are during the sun sparkled day.                          
Winter Night                 waterclour
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