Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I'm looking forward to getting into a new painting that has been bubbling in my mind.  One of several I'm eager to work on.  But just at this moment, I'm not worried about producing something that someone will buy, or pleasing a client, or entering a show.  The first two will be important again  of course, but as for shows and competitions, I never enter them any more.  I used to, and was accepted in my fair share and won awards, but the stress and the work involved in framing and shipping was not worth the time lost in painting and family time - to me.  And of course, in my case, there's the border.  There are few shows in Canada where my work (animals) would be suitable, and the potential hassles involved in cross border shipping when the painting will likely come back can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare.   (No problem with donations, sales or commissions that are only going one way.)
Right now, after a whole lot of stresses, I need to once again find the peace that painting can bring me.   I need time to just BE, to just Breathe  I'm going to paint something that makes me smile, and look out my studio window for long minutes at a time, watching the snow shadows and the birds that come to the feeders.

I'm going to spend some time just drifting and dreaming of a peaceful, beautiful place - not necessarily any place I would actually go, but a place I can go to in my mind.

May I suggest that in this hectic world, we all take a few minutes now and then to relax, look around at what is there to sooth one's spirit, and JUST BREATHE.


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