Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Old & Familiar and Something New

Well Happy New Year everyone!  I hadn't planned on doing a new blog until next week, but suddenly it felt right to do it today.  New Years is so full of intentions and plans . . . so energizing.  I'm not stating intentions - haven't done that in years, but I am making plans for the upcoming year. The most important plan is to  make sure I am connected to every day and to my loved ones, not letting the days slip past in a blur of busy-ness.  Each day is precious.  Each special day needs marking and celebrating. Our loved ones need to know they are loved each and every day.
And with my painting, I want to have fun again.  With that in mind, I have lots of the usual things I love to paint on my list.  The Dogs, especially Shelties, the horses and cats and the country way of life I so love.  If you enjoy my work and these types of paintings, I'll have lots to show you over this coming year.

                            The Lavender Path       Watercolour

Naturally, I love painting Shelties,  They have been our dog of choice for over 30 years, although we have also enjoyed the company of Collies and a few other breeds during that time.

                         Heading Home          an older watercolour

The sight of a horse always brings a smile to my face and quickening of my pulse, so I guess I will always want to paint them now and then, either by themselves or in the rural setting that surrounds me.  But dogs remain my main focus again this year.

But every now and then, I need to take a flight of fancy and dip into Fantasy.  I did several Fantasy paintings a couple or so years back, so don't be surprised if I wander down the Faery path now and then during the upcoming year.

Lady Iris     Watercolour

                             This is a little series of Medieval Knight paintings that told a story of a Knight going out on a Quest all the way from him starting out, to meeting a baby Dragon, to his being home with the Lady he saved when he jousted a rival knight.  And on to his Ghost horse still protecting the Castle ruins.  Great fun!  And each of these little paintings was only 2.5 x 3 inches big!  I have a new idea or two, so don't be surprised if the story of my Knight and his Lady is continued.  Did you realize she had been captured by . . . no, I'll wait and let you see it later in the year!

So I hope you will follow along to see what's happening . . .  there will be another surprise or two ahead, I promise!  And if you enjoy the blog and my paintings, please share with your friends if you think they'd like them too.


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