Wednesday, January 15, 2014


                                     Chinese Lanterns                                      Watercolour

These past couple of weeks I've been doing something more or less new with my painting.  I've been painting some of the little treasured moments in the garden that have always delighted me.  I'm not a Floral or Landscape artist and have no wish to seriously go in that direction, but I do love doing these little ( 5 x 7) "Gardenscapes. Most of my dog and horse paintings are thought out in every detail before I begin - that said, suprises always happen!  But these Garden paintings are more spontanious.  I'm concentrating more on colour and overall impact than botanical detail.  Oh, I plan them out and  draw them in moderate detail, but once the colour starts to go on, I tend to simply have faith that the the paint will go where it should to look it's best, and that the painting is going to come together and turn out looking good.  "Paint by Instinct" I guess you could call it. Although I like working this way for the gardenscapes, it will never be my way to do the larger animal paintings.  But even there, painting is an exercise in faith.  As in Art, so in Life.  You've got to believe.

                                                River Reeds                     Watercolour


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