Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers

It's raining again today, but in light of the weather so many people are dealing with, I'll make no complaints.  In Spring, rain means a day I'm not tempted to keep running out to the garden to dig up this young weed or trim back that rosebush.  For one thing, digging up a young weed now can cause angst in a few weeks when I'm wondering where on earth the Bea Balm went, and then the slow realizaion that, at some effort, I dug out that blasted clump of weeds in April.  !!!!!!  Oh, trust me, it has happened. :(                  The other thing is that I'm eager to get on with another painting.  There have been so many time and spirit restrictions during the past year and a half, that I'm near to bursting to get back to a solid painting routine, and to get my website remodeled and my Etsy store looking more full.  I had just got started on setting it up and then had to leave it to float on it's own for months.  Now I'm getting more things ready to post.  I'll let you know when the "shelves" are fully stocked.                                                          One of the things I love most about a rainy spring morning is the intensity of the colours.  Everything looks so fresh and new.  And it's BLUE BELL time!  A flock of tiny Bluebells, blowing in the wind as they nod among the new grass and old leaves always gives me joy.  I hope you come across your Joy today and have a really good day.


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