Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Rattle me bones, it's nearly Halloween!  I love the spooky, magical fun of this time of year. Not the artificial gore and horror.  I don't know where that belongs, but it will never be part of my Halloween.   It's great when the Halloween Wreath on the door swings in the wind and scratches against the panels, making you wonder, 'Is it the wind, or is it a visitor  who isn't there!'   I love the dry, scratchy leaves as they skitter across the road, and the long, slim, black tree trunks against a rain spattered sky.  In the rain, the pumpkin patch turns very, very spooky.  Anything can happen!  Does that peculiar looking tree have a sinister expression on it's trunk?

It's a different story on a sunny day, when the orange glow from thousands of Pumpkins can be nearly blinding.  So are the smiles from the visitors, young and old alike.  There is just something joyous about  a Pumpkin Patch.

Halloween in the country is filled with the old time delights in seeing fields of pumpkins glowing in the sun or shining in the rain, of watching and listening to skeins of Canada Geese winging past the icy white moon, of handing out treats to little ones as they go Trick or Treating door to door with their parents, and  the wonderfully spine tingling spookiness of black nights lit only by pumpkin light as a backdrop for rattling tree branches and the country night sounds.  If you're lucky, you may even see a little ghost.

Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

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