Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This week, the garden is at a high point.  Everything is lush and blooming and filled with perfume, and it makes me smile just to take a stroll down the winding gravel path between the flower beds. I'm trying not to see the weeds this season, as they are horrid invaders that came in with a bale of very bad hay that I used to cover the roses last fall.   I'll get them out, one by one, and next autumn, I'm paying the money to buy covers for the roses instead of paying the spring price in weeds!  Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the beauty of  the just opening huge poppies, the lushness of the roses, and the incredibly sweet scent of the white peonies.

In a few days, it will be MID-SUMMER, always a magical time in the garden, the forest, and outlying fields. This is the time of year the Fireflies arrive to hang their Faery lanterns to light up the night.  I've seen whole fields glittering with them, and just as spectacular, is a lone Firefly dancing in the dark.  And don't you just love it when Mid-summer is accompanied by a full moon?  It makes me feel that any sort of wonderful magic can happen.

                                      Moon Magic                                                                    watercolor

On Friday, Mid-summer, we will have a full moon, so go out if  you can and enjoy the beauty of your shadowy, mysterious garden under it's glorious light.  Hey, it's a magical night, so make a wish.  You never know what might happen . . . . . .


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