Tuesday, June 4, 2013


June is here, and Midsummer is just around the corner. And what goes with Midsummer?  Why Faeries of course! 

Midsummer Firefly - watercolor

I love to think that there are Faeries dancing at the bottom of my garden.  I don't exactly invite them in, because, well, Faeries can be tricky.  But I let them know they are welcome if they do drop by or decide to settle here.  
This spring, in a fit of whimsy, I created a Faery Garden and a couple of  Faery planters.
I found a nifty little door so they can make a home in the old Ash tree, and planted blue flowers, a Faery favorite.  I have mini stepping stones too, as Faeries wouldn't want to get their tiny shoes muddy on the way to the toadstool ring where they dance under the full moon.

I enjoy the fantasy of them dancing, so I wrote a short poem about it:                  
                                    The FAERY BALL

                                                 Owls are calling softly,
                                                 There's a ring around the moon,
                                                 And the Faery Folk are dancing
                                                 In their little silver shoe'n

                                                 They hang their firefly lanterns
                                                 On a crystal spider's web,
                                                 But they don't dance Guigues and Waltzes,
                                                 They Jitterbug instead!

                                                                                      Heather Anderson copyright

Heather Anderson

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