Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I  never enjoyed school until I went to Art School at our local Community College.  My experience there  got me hooked on education :) I was fortunate  that they had a truly wonderful, traditional Fine Art program available at that time.  The instructors were all well respected, successful artists in the various mediums and subjects, from basic drawing (4 whole courses in that alone) to Design. (I never really did get the hang of Design, but at least I passed it.)  
While I enjoyed it, Life Drawing class was a new thing for me, both the work itself, and getting used to having nude models.  Yikes!    I often focused on the faces of the models, and because we were allowed a lot of lea way  for our own creativity, it was allowed.  This is one of my quick portraits from so many years ago.

I absolutely LOVED the Community College I attended - Algonquin College, in Ottawa.
I still go there to take the occasional interest course, and to attend the annual (until this year) Flower Show presented by the Horticulture students.  Next year sadly, the course is changing to a different, less ornamental focus, but whatever is taught will be well done.  This last show was a Patio Garden theme, and I love the way the students combined food and flowers - the Sweet Potato Vine (I think) surrounded by feathery carrots and a patch of chamomile right next to it.  And all around are the ornamental flowers.  Great idea!  Your Community College is full  of them.

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