Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"I Must Go Down to the Sea Again"

I  love the Sea.  I've only been twice, but it lives in my memory; the sound of the waves sending me off to sleep at night, the salt tang of the air, and the sweet scent of the Sea Mertensia along the shore.  Since I live well inland in Central Ontario,  I've made my own little ocean to meditate on.

I bought the little reproduction of the Walter Crane 'Poseidon' painting with the fabulous wave horses, the sponge, and the frilled blue and white dish that made me think of waves.  The sand castle and many of  the shells were gifts, as was the Sea Glass in the front.
I'm really excited about that Sea Glass.  Imagine it, tumbling around in the ocean for goodness knows how many years, becoming frosted and very smooth, and looking nothing like glass anymore.  "Nothing  . . ..  that doth fade, but doth suffer a Sea-Change into  something rich and strange" The Tempest.   
The ocean inspires me in my painting too.  I love using the image of the Horse in the Ocean.  It's a recurring theme for me, and as many times as I've painted it, I know I will return to it again and again.  

                                 Dawn Runners                           Watercolor

                               Legend and Story                    Acrylic
                                           The Gift Horse Mural

And I love the whole aspect of fun at the shore.  Get your swimsuit, your bucket and spade, and a good friend, and go get your feet wet!
                                    Spirit of Youth               Watercolor

In John Masefield's words: "I must go down to the Sea again . . ."
Are you coming too?

Heather Anderson                                                     

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