Monday, September 14, 2015


I LOVE September and October!  I love the feel of it and the look of it, all those warm, brilliant colours bursting out in the garden, doing their best to warm our spirits for the cold months ahead.  Even as a child, I found this time of year exciting, but it was only   in the past number of years that my true enjoyment began, and it was my dogs who taught me how to really live in the moment and savour these gorgeous months.
First, you have to close your eyes, and lift your face to the sun, Feel the warmth blessing your skin?  Take a deep breath of the spicy, rich air and smell the sweet/sharp essence of summer distilled into leaves that are breaking down to feed the earth.  And listen.  Listen to the tall grasses of summer, dry now, and rustling in the breeze, sharing whispers of summer secrets that they will take into their deep winter sleep. Listen to the leaves, muttering and softly chatting among themselves, and the slow lazy spiral and soft thud as one by one, they drift down to earth.  There, now you are enjoying this season the way a dog does, and like myself, you may find it the very best way to partake of Autumn.  And it's even better if you enjoy it with a friend.

Til next time,  Cheers,
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