Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's About Time

I've always said that TIME is somewhat irrelevant, and I still think it is.  It varies depending on where you are in the world, the season you are in, and even, historically speaking, the culture you live in.  I know, a bit of a quirky take on something that we all live by. Time is a magician, it makes years vanish in one gulp, or so it seems as we get older. Older, I said, not OLD!  And Time changes us; the way we look, the way we feel, the way we connect with things and people, the things we want. For creative people, it changes the way we do things too. The photo below, is the Me I was  . . . well, some time ago.  I loved dressing up, going to the theatre, and to large, rather sophisticated parties, and I put a lot of thought about how I presented myself at work. I had an image of myself that I wanted to maintain.

That was at the beginning of my art career when I was still only painting at nights and on weekends.   I was still searching for the path I needed to take, the subject, style, and mediums that were best for me.  I decided to go with the subject that was deeply a part of my heart, the things I felt I needed to paint even though they were 'hard sellers' - the dogs, cats and horses that I loved. I couldn't have made a better choice!  I've been so happy painting these little characters, but my style has certainly changed.  Back then, I focused on the animal, and just the animal.

It was a nice, clean way to work, but as time went on, I needed more from a painting.  Time changed my life too -  the way I lived, my views on things, the things I wanted, and my image of me.  Today I live in the country, something that I always knew at some level, was the right thing for me.  I seldom dress up, or go to  parties, and I work at home.  I'm more often found wearing  dog hair, paw prints, and paint than pearls, and standing in a field taking photos than at the theatre, and I LOVE it!  

 I could never go back to the old me, even though I was happy with my life at the time.  My painting has changed so much too.  Now the animal isn't enough, unless of course, I'm doing a straight portrait.  Now I want to tell a story, and the back ground has to be as imporant as the subject.  (Not as dominant though, and I'll talk about that next week).  

Time has a way of putting us through a crucible, to refine us and hone our spirit.  If you can embrace the changes it brings, both in yourself and in your work, especially if you work in the arts, life can be very good.  Oh, and I still wear my pearls :D

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