Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jungle Rhythms

Jungle rhythms, that what my garden looks like in July!  I look at the flowers that were neat, pretty, and in (mostly) weed free beds just a few short weeks ago, and shudder.  What happened?!

   It's July, with it's super heat, humidity and often very heavy rain.  I have to stay inside a lot to keep away from it, and the garden takes advantage.
Yes, I know the image is blurry, but that's the way the flowers strike me just now.  It's a jungle of blossoms and unidentified green things that I know in my gardener's heart are weeds, just waiting to effect a Coup.  It has it's own sort of wild beauty, but I'm going to have to sort this out the moment the heat turns down the broiler.
Life can be like that too, can't it?  Things pile up, crises happen, tempers stretch, and all of a sudden, everything is out of control.  When that happens, I am learning to treat it the same way I do the July garden.  First, I just hang in there as best I can and wait for an opportunity to start putting things in order.  Then I handle things, one at a time until life is running smoothly again. No one said it was going to happen over-night. It's a job and a half!
In the garden, the opportunity to get things sorted is coming little by little, day by day as the weather moderates, and by August, I can  get out there and really go head to head with the remaining weeds and over-grown flowers.  Soon things will be neat again, orderly, and with an August mellowness,  just the way I like them to be.


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